Unmatched Features

unrestricted creativity 

FOCUS mobile app allows you to create easily personal and unique content to use with your clients. This way your time is not spent on searching exercise database.

real time client progress

Ensure your clients are commited to their program and empower them with comments.

one stop tactics

Get all relevant data of your clients at a glance. This allows maximum focus on the client during live/virtual meetings. 

Quick & easy programming   

Create holistic training plans seamlesly to your library and clients mobile apps.

Secure messaging and video meetings

Have safe messaging at your hand everywhere. Extend to virtual video meetings with individuals or groups.

Share within organization  

Maximize productivity by sharing content with other professionals within your organization.

Try it yourself

FysiApp is designed to streamline your workflow, engage your clients to their training plan and, ultimately, to gain better results. Take benefit of the features and create more value to your work 

free client app

Would it be easier to succeed if knowing your trainer is backing you up 100%? Download the free client app from your app store!                   

simple and efficient

» Send personal training instructions during an appointement

» Exercises, assignments, measurements and questionnaires    

» Client progress, planning and secure messaging in one place   

» Sample exercises to get started

» Video meetings for individuals and groups  

» New services and business opportunities  at your use

» Client monitoring and notifications  

» Updates and new features at your use